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About our School

Picture of the front of Rainbow Springs Elementary School

Who We Serve

At Early Learning Academy we serve approximately 300 children ages 0 to 5-years-old.  We have several programs to meet the unique needs of our students:  infant classes (in which parents attend and participate with their child), speech and language therapy/Language Group (two hours per week); inclusion classes (where students with and without disabilities learn and play together); and 2-day or 4-day self-contained classrooms for students who require a higher level of support. We are passionate about working together with Early Learning Academy families to meet the needs of all of our little learners!

Early Learning Academy prides itself for being unique in that we are the only MVUSD site dedicated to providing infants and preschoolers with  specialized services and programs based upon their individual needs.  We strongly believe that early intervention is key to future success.  As such, we focus on teaching children “Learning to Learn” skills (such as following a classroom routine, attending to teacher-directed tasks, participating in classroom activities…)  and foundational skills required to be successful in the elementary setting. Student safety, academic success, and emotional wellbeing are our top priorities each day at school!  

We are fortunate to have a full team of certificated and classified professionals that serve our students and families including:  

  • 2 special education infant teachers

  • 13 special education preschool teachers

  • 1 general education teacher

  • 1 deaf and hard of hearing teacher

  • 3 school psychologists

  • 7 speech and language pathologists

  • 4 speech and language pathology assistants

  • 1 adapted physical education specialist

  • 1 occupational therapist

  • 2 certified occupational therapy assistants

  • 1 physical therapist

  • 1 physical therapy assistant

  • 2 administrators

  • 28 instructional aides 

  • 1 registered nurse 

  • 1 health technician

  • 2 secretaries 

  • 2 custodians

  • 1 nutrition assistant

If you suspect that your child may have a disability and may require Special Education services, please contact our school office at 951-571-4710 or via email at

We are here to help!